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26 January, 2007

get into LHTAB 007!

We are willing
Are you ready?
For the LADIES HOT TEA And BUNS 007???!!!

Februarie 14th of course
teh BEST valentino day
breakin' up the week

So who is in?
We need a new bouncer because our lovely and manly Vern is no longer North
of the Border.
We still got table clothes
We have wood that needs chopping
We still have plenty o plenty o dishes type things
We'll need a new menu, we got lots of tea, but need to organise it
We need to figure out the hot buns
Some people may need pinky underwearage
Not much else I can think of
Unless we want some kind of embellishment of the idea
like bow ties?
Anyway it will be tough to live up to last year
but no doubt we can
We have $58 left over from last year

OK so here is the plan then:
Sunday is board games day our house in the afternoon
Show up then to talk about it informally 324-1983
Lets have a meeting/underwear dying party for those in the need some time
on the weekend of Feb2,3,4
And from there we can plan the details of setup, basically just a few
bodies to tidy up the place, spiff it up, pink it up.
We need to confirm some boys who are in! So far just che and I because I
haven't talked to everyone. But hopefully Stephen, Scott, Jazon, and Jack
are around? Pretty Please? Can you help with the Menu Again J? Maybe
Jonothan has some ideas for teas? More boys? We will need to think about
publicity and inviting giruls soon. Last year it could have been a bit more
busy. Of course too busy would be too much anyways.

OK go!


hugs all around.

There are also pictures at but they aren't
organised yet



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