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03 May, 2006

mothers day hot buns

OK everybody, what do you think about mothers day hot tea and buns? That would be Sunday afternoon May 14th. I'm not sure if I want to invite my own mother, but you can. Does that date work for people? If it's nice weather we can do some on the porch out back maybe? Vern! Does that work for you? You are our lynch pin. I'm thinking similar deal as last time. Maybe slightly bigger.

Boys, RSVP ASAP if you're into it. I suspect it may be a slightly different lineup this time. We have 2 new boys interested: dustin and jonathon -- and two new girls in the fanclub: emily and irene

We can do another dying session whenever. I have more free time now than I use to. I have half a box of the red dye that stephen used leftover. However, it's pretty darn red - not pink. If someone can go to a place where they have more colours of the T-shirt dye like at ashley's mom's sewing store, that would be sweet. It's pretty cheap per box. It's just that buy-low only has about 12 colours and no pink. Actually, there are tons of sewing supply stores around fraser...


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