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11 May, 2006

mothers day hot oedipus

Okay... Looks like to me it's not on for this Mothers' Day 14th. Oedipus
wins. I'm not ready for it. But, I would say, there is a fine level of
keen-ness and we should do it soon.

Victoria Day Monday May 22? People might be out of town. But earlier is the
MC3 Boneyard. I like the idea of Victorian pink undies. Fathers Day June
18? No. And besides, that's Commercial Drive Festival Anyways. Any ol
Friday or Monday or Sunday afternoon?

As the weather gets nice the idea of having it inside with a hot fireplace
gets less appealing. The idea of outside with hot sun and blue sky is more
appealing. But then it gets weather dependant. Also I had been thinking of
having it at a nighttime restaurant in the afternoon. Like how Rehab use to
be at the Public. Maybe the foundation is open afternoons? Wink? Anybody
know any good space like that? Wreak Beach? Naked ladies and underweared men?

The sooner the better. What do YOUSE thinck?



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